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Need the help of a fire protection engineer, code consultant or fire protection contractor in Central Texas?  The following companies/individuals offering these services are members or affiliates of the SFPE Austin-San Antonio Chapter.

CompanyPrimary ContactContact Phone NumberCompany Website
Service Categories
(see key below)
 Engineered Fire Protection of Texas, LLC Carter White, P.E.(713) 306-6296www.efpot.comE,A,S,ES,CC, HM,HP
 Fire Alarm Consulting & Training Svcs. Whitney Crahen, SET(210) 402-1253
A, CC 
 Fire Protection Consulting Group, LLC Gilead Ziemba, P.E.(210)
 Fitzgerald Design Solutions Aaron Fitzgerald(210)
 Jose I. Guerra, Inc., Consulting Engineers Brandon Reyes, P.E.

 Page Southerland Page

 Robert Kranz, P.E.

(512) 382-3455


 Protection Development, Inc. Robert C. Andrews, Jr., P.E.
(210) 828-7533 
 Western States Fire Protection Roy Underwood(830) 708-8578www.wsfp.comA,S,ES

Service Key:

● E = Texas Licensed Engineering Firm
● A = Texas Licensed  Fire Alarm Contractor
● S = Texas Licensed  Fire Sprinkler Contractor

● ES = Texas Licensed Extinguishing System Contractor
● CC = General Fire, Building and/or NFPA Code Consulting
● HM = Hazardous Materials Consulting
● HP = High-piled Storage Consulting

This advertisement is for the benefit of chapter members and affiliates who have paid a fee to be included.  Services offered and licenses are self-reported by the listed companies, and the SFPE Austin-San Antonio Chapter does not verify qualifications or licenses. It is the responsibility of anyone using this list to confirm that a selected company has the appropriate qualifications and current licenses for a particular project.